Employee Spotlight: Meet Katy & Victoria, CS Managers

Here at Plannernet, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating large economic opportunities for small businesses by connecting top freelance meeting & event talent with innovative organizations. This mission would not be possible without the devotion and pioneering spirit of the Plannernet team.

Learn first-hand about life at Plannernet as we shine the spotlight on the people who help bring it to life!

Meet our Customer Success Managers

Katy Budnik

  • ECU: BS in Hospitality Management
  • 13+ years of industry experience
  • Joined Plannernet in 2018

Victoria Radford, CMP

  • NCSU: BS in Parks, Rec. & Tourism Management
  • 10+ years of industry experience
  • Joined Plannernet in 2022

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Just like all others in the meeting & events world, a workday is rarely typical! We take pride in effectively pivoting as our Clients’ & Suppliers’ strategies and priorities continually evolve and their events have varying adjustments. As a team, we are always working together to ensure that we are designing and configuring our services to appropriately support our Client’s custom needs, that our network community is engaged and well-equipped to successfully support engagements, that we are cultivating strong, long-lasting relationships among all parties, and, ultimately, that we are providing a service that truly adds value and removes burdens for everyone we serve.

What are you most proud of this year?

This year we have seen the industry change in big ways! It brings much joy and excitement in welcoming back Clients who have been long-awaiting the return to in-person meetings after two years. Together we have been discovering new ways to approach support needs and partnering with our Clients and Suppliers to define how we all fit into this new, post-pandemic world.

We are increasingly providing more opportunities to our Supplier network and are proud to see each of these businesses begin re-growing their teams. Concurrently, we are delighted to see our Customer Success Team eagerly jumping in as needs expand. We’re proud of their growth and eagerness to take on more and step into new roles.

How does Plannernet play a role in the resurgence of our industry?

Talented meeting & event professionals are the backbone of this industry and we’re grateful to be a part of a community of versatile, on-demand support that serves as an integral piece of the puzzle within our customers’ workforce.

While the industry continues to adjust, we are there to support not only individual meetings (Travel Directors, Onsite, Audio Visual, Virtual) but the employers themselves (Project Support). Wholistically, the industry is in the process of restoring a fully reliable workforce for reasons outside of our control, and Plannernet is waiting and ready to fill in the gaps globally. 

What role do you see yourselves playing in that?

Our goal is to continue to remain at the forefront of change as it occurs, and proactively pivot as additional needs arise. We hope to remain closely connected to our community of expert suppliers to obtain a pulse on anticipated changes while ensuring Plannernet remains relevant and the partner of choice for our growing network.

What makes you the most excited about Plannernet’s future?

The future is bright for the industry. Meetings are back in full swing; and the demand for on-demand meeting support is on the rise. As we continue to progress into this new era, Plannernet will remain at the forefront as the clear solution – not only to meet needs as they arise but also to remain as a partner of choice as organizations look toward growth. We are honored that our customers view us as a continuation of their team, and we are excited to be a part of this continuous evolution together.

Customer Success Managers Quote

What does it mean to be a part of the Plannernet team?

Being a part of this team means constant collaboration, connection, and development. We support each other, we grow each other, and we provide each other with a sounding board when the next course of action is unclear. We build upon each other’s thoughts and value productivity while also recognizing the need to take time to take care of ourselves, and each other, as humans.

What’s your favorite part of working for Plannernet?

Victoria: Nothing beats having a team that supports each other. Here at Plannernet, we value relationships first and foremost and have discovered that all other values fall into place when communication is constant and effective. Not surprisingly, my favorite part about working for Plannernet is the team I have the opportunity to work and grow alongside daily.

Katy: My favorite part of working for Plannernet is the Team! I feel most fulfilled when we are all strategizing and working toward a common goal together. We support each other through personal and professional stages of growth, and I get the pleasure of building relationships with Clients, Suppliers, and internal team members of all calibers.

What are you most thankful for during this season?

Victoria: I am most thankful for an industry that is resilient and unwilling to fail. The meetings and events industry has entirely pivoted during the past two years from fully virtual interactions, to facilitating hybrid discussions, to now coordinating a full come-back to in-person experiences. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the workforce itself has adjusted from mostly in-person to flexible workflows around the globe. In a time of uncertainty, we have not only adjusted but grown drastically and learned what we are truly capable of achieving.

Katy: I am most thankful for a company that truly values work-life balance and our mental health. Having the time to focus on personal wellness has allowed me and my teammates to recharge and provided mental space to produce new, innovative ideas. This initiative hassparked additional discussions with customers around work-life balance, allowing me to form deeper connections with the community we serve.

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