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Meet seasonal demand with ease.

As 2024 kicks off, the events industry starts preparing for a busy spring season. From corporate events to trade shows and everything in between, the demand for event planners rapidly increases. Accommodating this demand can be stressful, particularly for businesses struggling with labor shortages or simply lacking adequate resources to handle the increased meeting volume. But with Plannernet’s project solutions, businesses can have a stress-free spring. This service offers a range of solutions to meet the demands of the upcoming season while ensuring compliant and efficient freelance management. Let’s explore how Plannernet’s Project Services can help businesses navigate seasonal demand with ease.

Meet Seasonal Demand

Plannernet’s project solutions help you to meet seasonal demand by expanding your resources where and when you need them. With access to Plannernet’s talent network, you can build a deep and dependable event talent bench you can leverage quickly and strategically.

Whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person, Plannernet’s freelance network can support any aspect of your event management lifecycle, ensuring that short and long-term deliverables are completed.

With the ability to flexibly scale up and down depending on how your demand changes, Plannernet is a reliable partner that can help you manage your seasonal meeting and event demand with ease, all while working within your budget range.

Fill Parental & Medical Leave Gaps

With Plannernet’s project solutions, businesses can confidently fill in gaps due to parental and medical leave. This service helps businesses steer clear of ‘do it yourself’ approaches in situations where the absence of an employee can significantly impact the smooth running of event planning & operations. With Plannernet, businesses can rely on a trusted resource and ensure that event staffing gaps do not result in any preventable business downturn.

Unique Skills for Your Unique Projects

With Plannernet, businesses benefit from a talent network made up of the globe’s most diverse and proven event professionals. If your business requires a specific skill set to push a unique project across the finish line, our network can support you. Over 80% of our network members have 15+ years of industry experience, enabling you to complete your most unique event-related projects without devoting your internal resources or adding permanent employees to the payroll.

Whether you need a venue sourcing expert to lock in a memorable location or an event technology specialist to design a website with Cvent Web Build, you can funnel your team’s focus and energy toward other core responsibilities, realizing your complementary projects are taken care of expertly.

Compliantly Onboard & Leverage Pre-Existing Talent Pools

Plannernet’s project solutions guarantee the compliant onboarding of pre-existing talent pools. Businesses benefit from pre-existing pools of vetted talent to draw from, saving time and effort during onboarding new starters. Businesses also access Plannernet’s extensive range of resources, which can be leveraged to execute upcoming project needs.

Plannernet’s project service offering also allows your businesses to harness pre-existing talent pools for your organization. This enables you to bring on board talent legally and in compliance with the standard hiring practices.

Successfully Navigate Headcount Restrictions

With tighter budgets, staffing concerns and inflation still soaring, headcount restrictions have never been more present. Such issues prevent businesses from addressing seasonal demands adequately.

Partnering with Plannernet enables businesses to face these burdens head-on, eliminating many overhead costs associated with full-time employees without having to sacrifice the quality of work.

Common Project Functions & Skills Used by Clients

Companies use Plannernet’s project solutions to solve a variety of busy season challenges, but these are some of the most common areas supported:

  • Air Agent
  • Event Marketing Manager
  • Event Technology Specialist
  • Cvent Web Builder
  • Industry Consultant
  • Meeting & Event Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Registration Manager
  • Certified Sustainability Expert
  • Meeting Consultant
  • Trade Show Specialist
  • Venue Sourcing Specialist

Final Thoughts

As the event industry gears up for another busy season, the importance of exceeding client’s expectations cannot be understated. Plannernet’s project services ensure businesses can effortlessly meet the demands of this season. The service provides businesses with a range of options to navigate headcount restrictions, fill in leave gaps, adhere to compliance, and execute projects successfully without compromising their budgetary needs.

Enjoy professional, efficient, and cost-effective solutions from Plannernet to make sure your organization is kept on track during busy periods.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you alleviate the seasonal meeting and event demands in your organization.

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