How To Address Event Management & Labor Shortage Challenges

Plannernet can Combat Labor Shortage Challenges and Support Your Event Management Needs

For years, the labor market and Meeting & Events Industry have embraced freelancers to provide talented labor and expertise. As the future of work continues to shift in this direction, a Contingent Workforce Managed Service Provider can be a desirable solution for organizations wanting to outsource its responsibilities of managing a contingent workforce to increase productivity and reduce costs. With the current scarcity of labor throughout the Meetings and Events Industry, organizations are facing extreme challenges in finding quality talent to support their event management needs. In this article, we will identify some of the top labor challenges organizations are currently being confronted with and how an organization can combat those challenges by partnering with a Contingent Workforce MSP, allowing them to easily identify and manage on-demand meeting professionals for any aspect of an event.

Talented, Flexible Labor, On-Demand

Challenge: The industry continues to change rapidly, and we are not agile enough to meet demand
Solution: Quickly adapt to changing industry conditions and achieve greater business agility with a highly flexible workforce

An organization’s talent agility plays a critical role in the success of their event strategy. When partnering with an MSP, not only do you gain access to flexible talent with the skills you need, but you also build a community and talent pipeline allowing you stay agile, scale up and down to meet current demand, and always be prepared to quickly overcome fluctuating industry and market conditions.

Maintain Event Quality Even When Resources Are Limited

Challenge: Resources, time and labor are scarce, but I am still expected to create high-quality event experiences
Solution: Partner with a Contingent Workforce MSP to take tedious work off your plate, so you can focus on critical tasks

As demand continues to outpace the supply of industry talent, many business leaders are concerned they will not have the resources to effectively identify, engage, align, and pay meeting suppliers. Knowing this, many are partnering with MSP’s to put a freelancer strategy in place and build a more expansive on-demand workforce. Because MSP’s tend to work with extensive supplier networks, they can help your organization attract, find and engage professionals with a variety of unique skills when your existing infrastructure cannot support. In this case, connecting you with seasoned event professionals who are ready to support your end-to-end meeting management needs.

Mitigate Worker Misclassification & Proactively Ensure Compliant Meetings

Challenge: We don’t have the time or resources to put proper compliance measures in place
Solution: Partner with an MSP who proactively monitors the compliance landscape for you

Undoubtedly, there is increased risk when engaging contingent labor, but a top MSP mitigates the risk of worker misclassification and regularly monitors the ever-changing compliance landscape so you don’t have to. Organizations benefit from an MSP’s expertise around compliance regulations on a local, regional, and global level, ensuring you engage with suppliers and vendors who are not only aligned with your event strategy, but also with any labor regulations and requirements.

Final Thoughts

Partner with a Contingent Workforce MSP to attract and build relationships with skilled meeting talent; taking the burden of managing contingent labor off your plate, all while strategically integrating and compliantly engaging this workforce to support your organization for the long-term.

MSP’s can be an integral extension of your event planning and marketing teams as they navigate labor shortage challenges. They have the expertise to help you build, manage and source from a global talent pool, but also deliver a host of other benefits, including:

  • Increased Event Quality & Attendee Experiences
  • Increased Scalability and Agility
  • Compliant Practices
  • Lower Talent Costs

Your MSP of choice should share your values and expectations, flexibly extending your team as needed, all while delivering dedicated A-grade support.

As a proven MSP with over 30 years of experience, Plannernet is the largest provider for sourcing top meeting and event freelance professionals around the globe. And while our talent-and-tech-enabled model allows us to deliver the right talent to the right place at the right time, it’s our human-centric approach and value-based service delivery that underscores the relationship with our partners, clients, and suppliers.

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