Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Enjoy an increased level of security, even as regulatory scrutiny rises

As flexible workforce utilization accelerates, Plannernet remains focused on researching, interpreting, and complying with Local, State and International Laws

Don’t get caught in the web of worker misclassification.

Plannernet proactively monitors the compliance landscape and adapts accordingly. We focus on mitigating your risk, so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

See what the Landscape Looks Like
Plannernet Compliance Map

Utilizing over 30 years of meeting & event sourcing experience, our clients benefit from effective compliance controls when engaging with our supplier network.

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Are You Compliant?

98% of our clients misclassified their Meeting planners before working with us.

Summary of questions you need to answer to ensure compliance



Do you control or direct how the Meeting planner performs services?


Do you train the Meeting planner before she/he performs services?


Does the Meeting planner have the opportunity to define their own terms and rates?


Does the Meeting planner have their own independent business and market their services?


Does the Meeting planner provide services for other companies?


Does the Meeting planner perform the same services as your full-time employees?


Does the Meeting planner cover their own business expenses?


Is the Meeting planner responsible for providing their own equipment?


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