The State of Our Industry

The State of Our Industry: Impact to Freelancers
What an unprecedented time we are navigating! With the current advancements in the global pandemic, rise in costs and demands for talent, and our eagerness to return to life as we knew it with our communities and within our industry – the state of our industry remains hopeful and motivated to propel forward despite the continuation of obstacles.

The shortages in labor and talent density have contributed to exponential increases in the demand for freelancers – especially with project services within our industry to support and serve as extensions to deficient teams. The increase in travel and lodging expenses due to the nation’s labor shortage is, too, forcing companies to rely on local freelance models like Plannernet. With the present landscape and in speaking with our clients, we expect a continued mix of business from small pharma local programs to virtual services through 2021.

We, Plannernet, are well-positioned to provide flexible support to our clients. True to our mission, now more than ever, Plannernet is committed to making it easier for enterprises and small businesses to work together to drive innovative solutions that enable all to thrive in this dynamic new world. Our service is to both you and customers in ensuring that we are marketing your business throughout the industry while giving our clients access to the best talent.

Plannernet’s Pandemic Notification
Together, we have collectively partnered under the backdrop of a pandemic since early 2020. Our industry continues to be impacted in various ways due to ongoing changes in the spread of the virus, governmental regulations, health organization recommendations, and general ongoing advancements in how meetings can be conducted safely. Click here for Plannernet’s Pandemic Notification.