Precision Under Pressure – An Audio Visual Case Study for a Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company

2024 | Client Success Story

How a leading meeting company sourced 70 freelancers for a large tradeshow


In the demanding landscape of the meetings and events industry, it’s critical to have reliable partners equipped to handle high-pressure situations. Such a test arose when a top 10 global pharmaceutical company had an urgent audio visual situation calling for immediate action. Plannernet stepped in, not just as a service provider but as a stress-free referee in the game against the clock.

The Eleventh-Hour Challenge

Imagine the scenario: Over 30 locations, a broadcast hanging in the balance, and less than 24 hours to tip the scales toward success. With the intensity rising, and limited internal resources and time, they reached out to Plannernet in need of immediate, precise coordination. A succession of event freelancer requests began at 4:30 pm, all needing to be sourced that very night and the following day.

Plannernet to the Rescue!

Plannernet’s dedicated customer success team dialed up the urgency and went to work!

Rapid Response Fulfillment: Plannernet swiftly activated its network of AV professionals to lock in technician’s and equipment at both speed and scale. With coverage in all 50 states, local audio visual experts came with knowledge and experience with the venues to ensure event success.

Constant Communication: Plannernet’s commitment to real-time and transparent communication kept the client contact informed with constant updates, mitigating stress and business disruption.

Unmatched Support: On the day of the programs, the client’s support team at Plannernet dedicated their evening to excellence, working thoroughly behind the scenes to ensure all freelancers had an on-time and seamless arrival. They partnered with the client and the freelancers to ensure a troubleshooting hotline was set up for any hiccups along the way.

Beyond just Sourcing: Apart from delivering last-minute solutions and after-hours support, Plannernet ensured post-event success, handling all the freelancer invoicing and payments, ensuring a seamless and compliant closure of administrative tasks.

Results that Matter

In what can only be described as a resounding triumph, Plannernet’s effectiveness was made apparent through:

30+ locations were successfully sourced within 24 hours.

Across all locations, zero incidents were reported.

The Plannernet Difference

For clients, Plannernet isn’t just a service – it’s guaranteed peace of mind in the form of unmatched support, quality, and reliability.

Expertise on Tap: Our meeting & event professionals aren’t just skilled; they’re primed to handle your unique needs, no matter the time, date or location.

Adaptable Yet Dependable: Our talent and tech-enabled model are built to support both long-term and immediate freelance staffing needs. Our human-centric approach equips us to thrive in ever-changing conditions.

More than a Marketplace: The ability to meet unique requirements in challenging circumstances emphasizes the importance of a reliable partner offering more than just a marketplace platform – One that brings a human service element to the table.


Plannernet has proven that whether your event is imminent, scheduled for next week, or planned for the following month, when the pressure is on and time is of the essence, Plannernet provides not just expertise and resources, but also time – a precious commodity that cannot be purchased.

Reach out to Plannernet today and wave goodbye to your freelance event staffing hurdles.

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