Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA)

Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) To operate live meetings responsibly during a pandemic, a need has emerged to ensure participants, suppliers, and staff are protected within the scope of our meetings from contracting or spreading a communicable disease. The Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) course is a 3 hour live webinar designed to make sure safe practices are implemented, communicated, and effectively carried out throughout the entire meeting cycle. Whether you plan to serve in this role, delegate, or contract coverage, this course will help you to provide best practices for the safest execution of live meetings. Learn [...]

Earn a Master’s Degree in Meeting & Event Management

SDSU is Now Offering a Master's Degree in Meeting and Event Management In 2019, San Diego State University launched the first graduate program in meeting and event management. This 18-month curriculum provides knowledge on strategic leadership, stakeholder management, finance fundamentals, business analytics, applied design thinking, leading change and innovation, modern marketing strategies and more. Learn more here about the Master's Degree Program in Meeting and Event Management at SDSU. Learn More. Back to Library

Digital Event Strategist Certification

Digital Event Strategist Certification With the shift in industry needs and event formats, Digital Event Strategists are in demand. Earning the Digital Event Strategist certification will give you the tools to: plan, produce and measure digital and hybrid events from start to finish; monetize digital events through fresh pricing and sponsorship strategies; and evaluate and choose the most sophisticated tech solutions. Learn More Back to Library

Introduction to Digital Events Course

Introduction to Digital Events Course PCMA is offering an Introduction to Digital Events course. This course is designed to help you navigate the virtual challenges of your event toward success. Whether it is understanding your omnichannel audience or selecting the right digital events platform, the Introduction to Digital Events course will briefly walk you through all aspects of the holistic planning and production experience. Learn more Back to Library

Virtual Event & Meeting Management Certification

Virtual Event & Meeting Management Certification Event Leadership Institute is partnering with MPI to offer a Virtual Event and Meeting Management program. This course is designed for meeting and event professionals who are looking to build on their existing event management skillset and experience by learning the fundamentals needed to plan and manage virtual events. Learn More Back to Library

Covid-19 Compliance Officer Course

Covid-19 Compliance Officer Course As live meetings and events return, a new need has emerged for COVID-19 Compliance Officers (C19CO). This 2-hour course provides certification to inform non-union, on-site staff about protocols related to COVID-19 safety. This C19CO position is designed to work in conjunction with an on-site medic and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 according to CDC guidelines. Learn More! Back to Library

CVENT – Hybrid Events Training Course

CVENT - Hybrid Events Training Course CVENT is offering a 5-hour course on why hybrid events are the future and how to use Cvent tools to reach and engage attendees both in-person and virtually at the same event. Register Today! Back to Library

Pandemic Meeting & Event Certificate

Pandemic Meeting and Event Design Certificate Course The Event Leadership Institute and MPI have partnered to deliver a 20-hour course created to support meeting professionals to assess the current environment and map new ways to prepare event strategy, design, execution and evaluation. Learn More! Back to Library

Pandemic Onsite Protocol Course

Pandemic On-Site Protocol Training Course The Event Leadership Institute and MPI have partnered to deliver a 3-hour course on Pandemic On-Site Protocol. This new course is designed to provide frontline on-site staff with the knowledge necessary to maintain a safe environment, identify and mitigate risks, and de-escalate non-compliance issues as they arise. Learn More! Back to Library

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