Supplier Recontracting Communication

We hope this note finds you well! It’s that time again – the current Plannernet Supplier Agreements are expiring January 31, 2024, and we need you to sign the new 2024-2025 Plannernet Supplier Agreement.

2024-2025 Plannernet Supplier Agreements are Here and Ready for your Signature!

Plannernet remains committed to partnering with our Clients to bring a variety of opportunities to your business and, as our Clients plan for the future, we continue to see a growing demand for your expertise. With the end of 2023 quickly approaching and as we at Plannernet also look ahead, we are renewing your business’s Supplier Agreement for 2024-2025.

We are issuing our standard Supplier Agreement with minor adjustments that reinforce your business’s ability to accept and decline opportunities at your business’s discretion and mutual ability to terminate the partnership at any time. Below are the most notable updates made to the new agreements.

  • Removed the COVID-19 Release & Hold Harmless Policy; included Release & Hold Harmless within Section 13
  • Added Section 17 for businesses assigning a Business Administrator within the Plannernet Portal
  • Updated Payment Transaction Fees

We ask that you complete your agreement no later than January 1, 2024, to ensure your business remains eligible to receive opportunities. If you have any additional questions regarding the new contract or the re-contracting process, please contact our Supplier Relations Team at

How Do I Review & Sign the 2024-2025 Supplier Agreement?

Reviewing & Signing:

Shortly (by the end of today), you will receive an email from Zoho Sign asking for your digital signature request.

After clicking “Start Signing” within the email, you will be prompted to enter a verification code prior to reviewing.

You will then receive another email from Zoho Sign with the 5-digit verification code to enter into Zoho Sign to view the Agreement.

Important Note: this email may filter into your Spam Folder so please be sure to check there if you do not see it in your inbox.

Ongoing Storage:

We are pleased to share a new feature within your Supplier Portal that will automatically save a copy of the executed Supplier Agreement within your Business Profile once countersigned by Plannernet.

What Happens If I Don’t Sign It?

If the 2024-2025 Supplier Agreement is not signed by January 31, 2024 – your business will be made inactive and will not be eligible to engage, support nor accept Client opportunities until the new, updated agreement is signed. If you are contracted on any engagements, those contracts will be canceled.

Update Your Business Profile

As a final note, we would like to request that you take this opportunity to update your business profile within the Plannernet portal by January 1st, as well. Your profile is an incredibly important and valuable marketing tool to highlight your business’s capabilities and ensure that you are aligned to support our Clients with their growing needs in the new year.

Thank you for all of your dedication to our Client’s engagements! We are hopeful for a productive and successful new year and are looking forward to your continued support and partnership in 2024!

Best Regards,
The Plannernet Team