How Does Plannernet Market Your Business?

As shared with you in September, Plannernet has always existed to give small businesses like yours, access to unrivaled opportunities within the meetings and events industry. As the world and our industry continue to rebuild, the freelance economy will play an even more invaluable role – and helping organizations find and compliantly engage top talent around the world is crucial. Plannernet’s mission is to make it easier for enterprises and small businesses to work together to drive innovative solutions that enable all to thrive in this dynamic new world. Our service is to both you and customers in ensuring that we are marketing your business throughout the industry while giving our clients access to the best talent.

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How To Gain Access To More Opportunities

Create a Stand-Out Profile
With the substantial changes to our industry over the course of the last 18 months, it is more important than ever for businesses to proactively showcase specialized capabilities. We recognize many of you continue to build your businesses and add new capabilities, certifications, and skills. This information is valuable to your receiving future opportunities, and we ask that you regularly review and update all areas of your business profile each month with any new information you have to share with our clients to garner more exposure and proper alignment for opportunities.

Grow Your Team – If Applicable
As announced in May, Plannernet has a new technology feature that allows you to set up your business with additional members and define the member type. If your Business has qualified Associates, you are able to add Associates as Members of your Business with profiles that reflect their unique skillsets to support the reach and expansion of your business services. This feature is beneficial as it promotes scaling your business, simplifying business management, quality checks, and increased marketing of your business capabilities by each member. Click here for additional information.

Reskilling and Upskilling Resources
With the everchanging demands of our industry, reskilling and upskilling your business is essential. Below are growing services and needs we are seeing materialize within our industry through market research and tangible client requests. All examples of resources below can be found within the Resource Library in your Supplier Portal.

COVID-19 and Pandemic Certifications
With the steady return to live meetings and life as we knew it pre-pandemic, there is a need to ensure protection and safety for attendees, suppliers, and staff while onsite. With that, many new roles have emerged to account for the world’s current needs. Here are some of the positions and certifications – more information on each can be found on the Supplier Resource Library.

Should your business have any of these certifications, be sure to update your profile so we are aware of your business capabilities and can utilize your services as client needs permit.

Virtual Event Freelancers
Also, as a product of COVID-19 – a need for experienced freelancers with virtual moderating and planning has emerged quickly to account for the decrease in staff and increase in virtual meetings and events. Our network has moderated over 25,000 virtual meetings for our clients! Though the industry goal is to return to in-person meetings, virtual meetings are here to stay post-pandemic. Below are some of the most common virtual requests from Plannernet clients.

Should your business have any of these certifications, it is recommended that you update your profile with your Supplier Portal so we are aware of your business capabilities and can utilize your services as client needs permit.

If you are aware of other COVID-19 or Pandemic-related positions, certifications, or opportunities for upskilling – please share with us by submitting to

Plannernet Supplier Portal Technology Advancements
We are pleased to share that you can now see both Active and Cancelled engagements in the Supplier Portal. Additionally, the payout section of the engagement has been updated to ensure that it reflects the total amount of the payout, to include any client-approved pass-through expenses. Contact the Supplier Relations team at if you have any questions about the recent technology advancements.

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