Plannernet 1099 Information

For 2022, Plannernet will be submitting electronic 1099s to your business’ email address on file in your Supplier profile. You should receive an email notification by 1/14/2022 with the electronic 1099-NEC. Please accept it by 1/27/2022. For any 1099’s that have not been accepted or received electronically, a paper copy will be mailed out no later than 1/31/2022.

Per the IRS, similar to last year you will receive a 1099-NEC form. More information on the 1099 Non-Employee Compensation form can be found here.

A few reminders:

  1. Upon accessing your business’ 1099 electronically, enter your business’ EIN, not your SSN, as your Tax Identification Number. This is important as the document will request your SSN – however, your business’ EIN is what is required.
  2. Your business will only receive a 1099 if it earned more than $600 in 2021.
  3. S-Corps and C-Corps will still receive a 1099 if your business has earned $600 or more. Please disregard if unnecessary for your business.
  4. Paper copies will be mailed to the business address listed within your Plannernet Supplier Portal. Please review your business address for accuracy. If you need to change your business address, please email by 1/27/2022.

If you do not receive your tax form by 1/15/2022 or if you have any discrepancies, please reach out to Plannernet at and a member of our Supplier Relations team will assist you.