June Resource Roundup

Pandemic Compliance Advisor – To operate live meetings responsibly during a pandemic, a need has emerged to ensure participants, suppliers, and staff are protected within the scope of our meetings from contracting or spreading a communicable disease. The Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) course is a 3 hour live webinar designed to make sure safe practices are implemented, communicated, and effectively carried out throughout the entire meeting cycle. Whether you plan to serve in this role, delegate, or contract coverage, this course will help you to provide best practices for the safest execution of live meetings.

How To: The Strategic Value of Virtual Meetings – Check out MPI’s “How to Guide: Virtual Meetings” – a manual designed to help you understand the strategic value of virtual meetings and events; and establish and implement processes for managing virtual events.

Event Tech Lingo: 100 Terms You Need to Know – Virtual and hybrid events present new opportunities for event planners and marketers, but they also bring with them a lot of terminology that may be unfamiliar to many. Here are 100 terms that you should know when planning digital events or sourcing platforms.

The Latest Updates on International Gathering and Travel Restrictions – As the world begins to open again, here’s a roundup of what’s happening with travel restrictions around the globe as of June 2021.

The Latest Updates on Airline Safety Protocols – While airlines are no longer blocking middle seats – other safety protocols remain, including temperature checks, face-mask requirements and health assessments. Take a look at the latest on airline safety protocols as of June 2021.