New Multi-Day Features Make Zoom a Viable Option for Event Professionals

New features flaunted at Zoom User Conference, Zoomtopia, point to Zoom becoming a serious contender for multi-day multi-session events. Although most features will only be released in the fourth quarter or later, the opportunity to explore first-hand some features as part of Zoomtopia made it clear that the company is serious about investing in the B2B events space.

‘Conference’ is a new event type that Zoom plans to make available this fall on Zoom Events. It allows hosts to organize multi-track multi-day events in a more sophisticated format with features that have long been missing from Zoom; until now, features have made the standalone platform unsuitable for more complex business events. Read more about Zoom ‘Conference’ and its features.

Once launched, if your business gains experience with Zoom Conference, please be sure to update the Meeting Technologies within your profile so we are aware of your business capabilities and can utilize your virtual moderating services as client needs permit. Click here for more information.