Happy 2024 from Plannernet!

Happy 2024!  As we step into a new year, we are excited to continue our journey with you, our Suppliers. Your commitment and contributions have been integral to our success, and we look forward to further strengthening our collaboration in 2024.

Latest Industry Trends

The future of the industry is extremely bright, but it is ever-changing, so staying one step ahead is critical and requires paying attention to the trends shaping how work gets done. The below trends are impacting Meeting & Event teams around the globe. Start preparing today for the changes that will undoubtedly come tomorrow.

Increased Demand for Freelancers: Innovative organizations are successfully combatting a Meeting & Event talent shortage with a shift to a blended workforce of full-time planners and independent freelancers. We are currently seeing a greater interest in the variety of services that your business can provide as our industry continues to move in this direction.

Local Planners Solve Top Challenges: Budget constraints, increased costs, and sustainability goals are top challenges for meeting planners in 2024. Plannernet’s clients have found that engaging the network of freelance meeting & event professionals local to their meetings allows them to save on travel and accommodation expenses and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

AI in Events: The evolution of AI is well underway, and Event Planners are tapping into this new world to identify ways it can alleviate their workload. Plannernet helps clients strike the right balance between AI and human intelligence.

  • If your business has experience providing AI support to customers, please email suppliernetwork@plannernet.com with more information so we can connect you with relevant opportunities.

Plannernet Updates

Supplier Profile Enhancement [NEW FEATURE ALERT]

In 2024, Plannernet would like to help all Suppliers gain more business, faster. To enhance our Supplier Community, we have introduced a new view for business member profiles. This enhancement allows Suppliers like you to showcase not only your business members’ areas of expertise, but also a professional headshot, biography, and client kudos/recommendations provided to Plannernet.

Marketing Plannernet’s Network: We are actively marketing your services to a variety of verticals within our industry. While Life Science, Corporate, and Incentive engagements are continuing to lead the way, we are seeing growing demand directly from Financial Services, Technology, and Professional Services customers. Check out and follow our LinkedIn page – if you aren’t already following along!

Elevating Our Service: A primary goal of Plannernet’s each year is to elevate the service provided to you and our Clients – ensuring satisfaction and unparalleled support. As a reminder, Plannernet is here to support you after-hours. Check out “Plannernet Process Reminders” in the FAQ section of the Supplier Resource Library.

What Can You Do?

Market Your Services

With so much activity, we encourage you to take a few minutes to update your business’s profile to proactively showcase your specialized capabilities, certifications, equipment, and skills. Creating an enhanced profile is an

excellent opportunity to professionally display your skills and demonstrate how your business can effectively meet a new client’s specific needs, ultimately enhancing your chances of fostering new business partnerships. Plannernet will share these with clients, so please remember to keep them professional!

Stay Informed: As a reminder, Plannernet offers a Supplier Resource Library to support your business by centralizing and categorizing helpful content and notable information – from information regarding Plannernet and navigating our technology; to industry news, tradeshows, courses, and webinars; to ways for you to grow your business. We are hopeful you find the resources we post helpful and regularly check out our Resource Library, found within your Supplier Portal, to stay informed of key updates within our community.

  • Newsworthy Article from January: The Corporate Transparency Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2024, introduces new requirements for reporting beneficial ownership information. You may want to check with your attorney or financial advisors to determine if it applies to your small business.

Consider Growing & Diversifying Your Business: As there is greater demand for independent small businesses, there is a growing opportunity to expand your business. If you are adding new talent to your team or interested in diversifying your services, contact our team today and we can discuss how our Clients can support your growth.

Share Feedback: We value your feedback and insights. Please take a moment to complete the Supplier Survey. Your input is vital in helping us enhance our partnerships and services. Additionally, if you have any resources to share with our community or if you have any ongoing feedback for Plannernet, please do not hesitate to contact our team at suppliernetwork@plannernet.com.

Looking Ahead

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of 2024, your active participation and adaptability are more important than ever. Plannernet remains committed to providing support and resources to help your business thrive. We look forward to an exciting year!

The Plannernet Team