Happy 2022 from Plannernet!

Happy 2022! Are you as shocked as we are that it is nearly March? While the year started off a bit slower due to the Omicron variant, we are excited to see an eventful spring on the way. We hope you are doing well and getting excited too.

As we kick off the year, please find a round-up of highlights below:

What We’re Seeing:

  • Rise in Events: Our current forecasts are showing a boom of engagements for April – June, as Clients are all communicating an attempt to return to traditional operating levels. We anticipate that Virtual engagements will continue but the increase will largely be with in-person events.
  • Increased Demand for Freelancers: For quite some time, the future of work has always signaled an increased demand for small businesses like yours. But the pandemic’s impact on the Meeting and Events industry has only expedited the transition. We are currently seeing a greater interest in the variety of services that your business can provide as our industry continues to heat up.

What We’re Doing:

  • Marketing Your Services: We are actively marketing your services to a variety of verticals within our industry. While Life Science engagements are continuing to lead the way, we are seeing growing demand among our Financial Services, Technology, and Professional Services customers.
  • Increasing Our Partnerships: With an increase in our marketing and business development efforts, we are currently onboarding ten (10) new customers – three (3) of which are Fortune 500 companies. We are truly excited by this momentum and our Customer Success team will be working to launch these engagements soon.
    • Growing Our Team: With the rise of events, we’re growing our team! Over the next few weeks, we will continue to introduce you to new faces within our organization. If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining Plannernet, please do not hesitate to have them apply here. In the meantime, please check out our furry employees!
  • Elevating Our Service: As events return after an unprecedented hiatus within our industry, a primary goal of Plannernet’s is to elevate the service provided to you and our Clients – ensuring satisfaction and unparalleled support. Let’s combine our talents and energy to renew and restore the Meeting and Events industry and bring it back better than ever.
  • Market Your Services: With so much activity, we encourage you to take a few minutes to update your business’s profile to proactively showcase your specialized capabilities, certifications, equipment, and skills. Each update can align you with new opportunities!
  • Stay Informed: Last year, Plannernet launched our Supplier Resource Library to support your business by centralizing and categorizing helpful content and notable information – from information regarding Plannernet and navigating our technology; to industry news, tradeshows, courses, and webinars; to ways for you to grow your business. We encourage you to regularly check out our Resource Library, found within your Supplier Portal, to stay informed of key updates within our community.
  • Consider Growing & Diversifying Your Business: As there is greater demand for independent small businesses, there is a growing opportunity to expand your business. If you are adding new talent to your team or are interested in diversifying your services, contact our team today and we can discuss how our Clients can support your growth.
  • Share Feedback: If you have any resources to share with our community or if you have any ongoing feedback for Plannernet, please do not hesitate to contact our team at suppliernetwork@plannernet.com.

We look forward to an exciting year!