Employee Spotlight: Madison Alicardi

We are excited to kick off our employee spotlight series by introducing you to our Sr. Associate of Supplier Relations, Madison Alicardi.

What’s your role at Plannernet?
I am the Sr. Associate for our Supplier Relations Department. My role is to recruit, onboard, and support the Meeting Planning and AV Suppliers on our Network.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?
I really enjoy working with our Suppliers and learning about the different skills/experiences they possess to bring to our Network. Collaborating with our Customer Success department to ensure quality results for our clients is always fun too.

Describe a travel adventure you’ll never forget
This would have to be camping at Max Patch, NC with some close friends over a very busy Labor Day weekend. Everyone there joined in to watch the sunset over the horizon, as the sun had its last few moments of visibility for all of us watching, the entire hillside started cheering in unison for the new panoramic views of the night. This moment of excitement and happiness shared with over 200 other people is one I will never forget.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I have a passion for music event management, and I have attended 13 music festivals and produced 1.

What is a career lesson you’ve learned thus far at Plannernet?
Organization and communication are key! Making sure to effectively communicate your needs or plans to your team is vital when completing deliverables, projects, or meeting deadlines. Communication plays a huge part in my role here at Plannernet with my Co-workers and Suppliers on the Network. I am constantly finding new ways to improve and strengthen this skill.