Accommodating Invisible Disabilities

Accommodating Invisible Disabilities A practical guide to make meetings & events more inclusive for those with 'invisible disabilities' like anxiety, vision impairments, deafness, neurodiversity, ADHD, Autism, etc. Back to Hub

Superscript – Business Insurance Made Simple

Superscript - Business Insurance Made Simple If you are looking for business insurance - get your online quote today! Superscript is partnering with Freelance Business to offer their clients our monthly business insurance - enjoy the first month free when you sign up! Back to Hub

Ultimate Guide to Being A Freelancer in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Freelancer in 2023 This guide covers all things freelancing - check out what is said about what's happening in the freelance world, a cheat sheet to becoming a successful freelancer, why freelancers find it to be awesome, the challenges of freelancing, the freelancing skills most in demand, and more! Click here to learn more Back to Library

Get Comfortable with Diverse Dietary Needs

Get Comfortable with Diverse Dietary Needs Check out what a meeting expert has to say about a more inclusive outlook on F&B diversity for the new year. Learn More Back to Library

Next: Event Planner Insurance

Next: Event Planner Insurance NEXT Insurance is a one-stop shop to help you get event planner insurance coverage to protect your business from accidents, injuries, legal fees and damaged vehicles. Check it out here! Back to Library

Catch Benefits

Catch - A Benefits Resource For Your Business Catch is a leading benefits company dedicated to the needs of independent talent allowing you to choose your benefits, link your bank, then set aside a percentage of each paycheck. Learn More Back to Library

Winning with Wellness

Winning with Wellness Check out what Meeting and Event professionals have to say about how incorporating healthy event activities is more important than ever. Click Here to read more. Back to Library

Navigating Rising AV Costs for Events: ’It’s Not 2019 Anymore’

Navigating Rising AV Costs for Events: ’It’s Not 2019 Anymore’ Skyrocketing travel and equipment costs and a sudden talent shortage — pandemic-prompted trends have made affordable audiovisual services a challenge since the return of face-to-face events. Event organizers and suppliers talk about their pain points, how to mitigate costs, and the importance of communication. Click here to read the full article! Back to Library

Mental Wellness: How The Business Events Industry is Coping

Mental Wellness: How the Business Events Industry is Coping See what PCMA has published about the need to have a conversation about mental health and wellbeing in the business events industry — how we foster it for each other in our workplaces and our participants at our events. Back to Library

Introducing Nearside Sprout

Introducing Nearside Sprout For as little as $39 per year, Nearside Sprout will form an LLC for your business so you skip all the complicated paperwork. Just fill out one easy form. Back to Library

Stress Relief for Planners: A Guide

Stress Relief for Planners: A Guide Check out what MeetingsNet has to share about getting in the habit of naming and taming your emotions for better long-term mental health. Within is a 6 part report on Planners' sources of stress and their coping strategies. Back to Library

Freelance Business Week

2022 Freelancer Business Week Freelance Business Week is right around the corner! If you’re a freelance event professional or have ever considered becoming one, this week is for you! Freelance Business Week supports the growth of your freelance business and is a wonderful opportunity to network, brainstorm, and grow your independent business! Learn more here: Back to Library

A Guide to Burnout for Event Professionals

A Guide to Burnout for Event Professionals Mental health issues are not new to the events industry — these experiences have been present for some time. But with event profs currently facing exceptionally high-stress levels, more people are living with mental health challenges like burnout. Read more about what the Event Manager Blog says about burnout in our industry. Back to Library

Help Grow The Plannernet Network!

Help Grow the Plannernet Network! As our industry and Clients continue to produce more meetings, we’re continually looking for experienced Meeting Professionals and Audio Visual Technology Services providers across the globe. If you know someone interested in joining our community, please have them reach out to us today. They can fill out the Plannernet Supplier Interest Form to get started. Thank you for your continued support. Back to Library

Say Hello to PERKS

Say Hello to PERKS! PERKS is changing how non-traditional workers get the most out of their benefits for a brighter future. Independent workers and small business owners are leading the way in non-traditional work but are not eligible for employer-sponsored total rewards programs. All workers deserve the opportunity to access benefit options to cover themselves, their families, their employees, and their businesses. PERKS connects you with a comprehensive suite of benefits including health, life, business coverages, auto, dental, vision, and a variety of liability and security products. Click here to learn more! Back to Library [...]

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