Important Virtual Meeting Educational Resources

It should be no surprise there has been swift growth in demand for Virtual Meeting Moderators within our industry and among our clients. We have observed over a 200% increase in requests for Virtual Moderator services and we expect this trend to continue.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, we encourage you to evaluate whether this might be a valuable service offering for your business. Below, Plannernet has included a few brief educational resources for your review.

A Quick Overview of Virtual Meeting Moderator Services

Virtual Meeting Moderator services can vary slightly based on software platform, meeting type and sometimes by client, but with nuanced differences aside, Moderators are given a road map and they manage the flow of the virtual experience for all parties. A few of the most crucial aspects to moderating a program are:

  • Openings & Closings & Speaker Introductions
  • Slide Deck Management
  • Managing Q&A
  • Moving Attendees to Breakout Rooms
  • User & Attendee Microphone Management
  • Improving the Attendee, Speaker, & Rep Experience